Geriatric Services

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Behavioral Health Geriatric Services

Geriatric care, or Generations, is an inpatient program designed to meet the emotional and medical needs of adults 55 and older suffering from acute psychiatric problems. The program treats patients with conditions including:

  • Dementia with complications, including Alzheimer's disease
  • Disruptive behaviors
  • Confusion with aggressive behavior
  • Delirium
  • Depression
  • Severe agitation

The goal within Generations is to reduce symptoms and help patients function at the highest level possible through:

  • Activity therapy focused on exercise, leisure time and skill maintenance
  • Assistance with daily healthcare, orientation and general hygiene issues
  • Discharge planning and coordination of aftercare, including placement when needed
  • Medication monitoring and education
  • Occupational and physical therapy to address skills, sensory stimulation and physical health
  • Psychiatric and medical evaluation and treatment
  • Therapy and activity groups

If someone you know is depressed, confused or severely agitated, may be a danger to self or others and is 55 or older, call (260) 425-3606 or 1-800-694-9034 for an assessment.