Burn Center Support Team

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No one ever plans to be burned. But if you or someone you love is ever involved in a fire, explosion or industrial accident, it's good to know that the St. Joseph Regional Burn Center is close by when every minute counts.

This state-of-the-art facility is one of only two such centers in all of Indiana, and one of only 150 in the entire nation. Recognized by The New York Times for its pioneering work in skin grafting and transplantation, the Regional Burn Center offers the most sophisticated burn treatment available within 150 miles of Fort Wayne. In fact, burn trauma victims from all over the tri-state region are flown to St. Joe for the specialized burn care that no other area hospital can provide.

What makes the St. Joseph Regional Burn Center so special is the combination of full resources: emergency, respiratory, cardiac, wound care, rehabilitation and transitional care coupled with the highly specialized resources needed for burn care:

  • A skin bank with high-tech skin grafting equipment, cultured skin technology, and lifesaving AlloDerm skin transplantation technology.
  • An isolated surgical suite for microvascular surgeries and reconstructive surgery.
  • Multidisciplinary team of doctors, surgeons, nurses, technicians and psychologists - all specially trained in burn care.
  • Hydrotherapy facilities.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen chamber for use with high-risk diabetic burns and some deep foot burns.
  • Debridement room (where dead tissue is removed).
  • The latest in infection control, including a special air filtration system.