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EMS, Fire and Rescue (Scene Treatment of Burn Victims)
St. Joseph Hospital is committed to the care and treatment of all burn injury victims. The following guidelines have been developed so that you, as a scene responder, can properly triage and treat burn victims. You can download Recommendations for Treatment of Burn Victims or call (260) 425-3573 (260) 425-3573 or toll-free 1-800-552-4844 1-800-552-4844 to requested a laminated copy.

Schedule a Speaker For Your Team
St. Joseph Regional Burn Center physicians and nurses are available to talk to your team about:

  • Burn care and treatment
  • Initial management of burns
  • Burn prevention

If you have another topic in mind, let us know. To schedule a speaker, call (260) 425-3573 (260) 425-3573 .

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